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Sioux Chief FastTrack Trench Channel Drain System

FastTrack is a rugged and reliable trench channel system manufactured in the USA by Sioux Chief. Several steps ahead of competition, TrenchDrain is truly built to last and offers multiple advantages. Easily customizable to fit any project type or size - from low-traffic residential driveways to high traffic commercial and heavy-loads industrial uses. Variety of grate options for any budget or end use.
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Sizing and Selecting FastTrack Trench Drain

FastTrack is a modular system, consisting of several key components which need to be purchased separately. These are:
1. Channel Drain - the core of the system is, of course, the trench drain channels, which are 72" (6ft) long, pre-sloped and numbered from #1 and up, with larger # indicating deeper channel. Drain channels are easily inter-connected (must match #1 to #2, #2 to #3, #3 to #4, etc.) and allow to create a consistently-sloped drainage in 6ft increments in any direction (left, right, or even to both sides). The channel can be cut in 6" increments to accommodate needed length. The standard drain outlet is 4" (works with no-hub soil couplings) and is located on the deep bottom of the channel - it will require a 4" hole saw to open.

2. Grate - available in a variety of options, from basic UV-stabilized HDPE plastic to high-end stainless steel and heavy-duty ductile iron. Grates are 36" long, which means every 72" section of FastTrack will require (2) grates. Various grate types (slotted/perforated) allow compliance with ADA requirements and compatibility with heel footwear. Grates can also be cut to length as needed.

3. End caps (and/or end outlet) - one end cap (865-EC) is required at the shallow-most end of the trench drain. The deepest part of the trench channel can either be closed with another end cap, or can be converted from vertical to horizontal drainage with an end outlet adapter (865-EO). Both the cap and the end outlet fit all channel sizes and are top-trimmed to fit.

4. Optional Accessories - these include:
865-EG - stainless steel edge guards, are compatible with all grate selections (except when using 865-F heavy-duty grate frame), but will complement best the stainless steel options. Besides providing a better finished look, these also reinforce the top plastic edge of the channel exposed to outside and will protect it from wear and tear.
865-D - perforated stainless steel dome strainer installed at the deepest end of the FastTrack to catch debris. Works both with vertical and horizontal end drain configurations. While this part is optional, we highly recommend it for all installations to minimize maintenance, especially where trees, shrubs and lawns are in proximity.
865-F - frame for ductile iron grates, intended to reinforce the assembly and to raise the load class rating to D400 (when used in combination with ductile iron grates). This part is generally intended for commercial and industrial applications where heavy loads are common.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can FastTrack be cut?
A: Yes, the trench channel drain can be trimmed to fit in 6" increments (distance between reinforcing parts which must remain intact to attach end caps or end drain outlet). Grates can also be cut as needed, provided that proper equipment is available. Note: since FastTrack sections are interlocking, only the excess length on either side can be trimmed, not the middle sections.

Q: How is FastTrack secured in the ground prior to pour?
A: There are rebar anchors/hooks on both side of the trench drain which allow both to level and firmly secure the drain prior to pouring the concrete.

Q: What is the pitch/slope angle?
A: It’s 0.54" for 72", or 0.75%. The slope angle is consistent for all numbered sections (except neutral).

Q: Any special tools needed?
A: Except for a 4" hole saw with a drill to open the drain, no other special tools are required. If FastTrack and grates have to be cut, then a hand saw, reciprocating saw or a grinder would be needed.

Q: What is the drain outlet size?
A: It’s 4" - the same OD as standard PVC and cast iron no-hub soil/drainage pipes. Compatible with all typical soil pipe (no-hub) couplings.
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