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Foamboard Stapler Tools & Staples

Where PEX tubing is installed in a concrete slab, on top of foam board insulation, a PEX foamboard stapler tool allows the installer to secure the pipe quickly and with little effort.
U-shaped foamboard staples come in strips and are loaded into the tool as needed. Installer positions the tool over the PEX pipe and pushes the handle all the way down. The mechanism separates (1) staple from the strip and firmly pushes it deep into the foam without damaging the tubing. Arrow-shaped ends of the staples anchor them in place and prevent dislocation of the pipe during the installation and the pour.

When purchasing a PEX to foamboard stapler tool, always get the same brand staples, since not all brands are compatible.
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Frequently asked questions:

Q: Can I use different brand stapler and staples together?
A: Some brands are compatible, but most of the tools should the used only with same brand staples. Everhot and Peter Mangone PEX staplers sold at PexUniverse are only compatible with their own PEX staples.

Q: Can I install the staples by hand without the stapler?
A: Yes. Everhot staples are much easier to disconnect from the strip then the Peter Mangone brand. However, be aware that securing PEX pipe in this manner will require much more time and effort.

Q: Do I really need a foam board stapler?
A: The tool is very useful for contractors who frequently have radiant jobs, 1-person installations and projects with large areas. It does save a lot of time and significantly reduces labor.
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