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Honeywell Mixing Valves

Honeywell manufactures a large selection of thermostatic and anti-scald mixing valves in various types, sizes and connection options.
AM-1 "C" models are for anti-scald applications only.
AM-1 "C1070" valves are ASSE 1070 approved for point-of-use applications, including commercial settings (restaurants, medical offices, etc.) and public facilities.
AM-1 "R" mixing valves are designed exclusively for heating applications and are not approved for use with potable (drinking) water. All models (except "R" series) are made with lead-free brass and are approved for potable water use.
All Honeywell mixing valves are made in the USA.
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About Honeywell Mixing Valves

Connections: “UT” and “US” abbreviations in part number stand for “Union Sweat” and “Union Threaded” connections respectively and also indicate a built-in check valve on all models except “R” (heating-only type). Otherwise, the connection is female threaded.

Flow rates are as follows, depending on the outlet sizes:
8GPM for 1/2",
12GPM for 3/4" and
16GPM for 1". Cv values are model-specific.

Thermostrip is included with all models and helps to monitor the outlet water temperature.
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