Innoflue SW (Single Wall) Pipe & Parts

Innoflue SW is single-wall polypropylene flue vent pipe designed for use with condensing and non-condensing natural gas, propane and oil-fuel boilers, water heaters and furnaces. It is the only UL 1738 listed poly vent pipe in the USA and approved by over 50 U.S. appliance manufacturers.
Note: all Innoflue SW connections (pipe to pipe, pipe to fitting, etc.) require proper size connector ring (IANS02 for 2" pipe & fittings, IANS03 for 3" and IANS04 for 4").

Selecting Innoflue SW Components

Regardless of the installation type or piping size, a proper appliance adapter is required to convert appliance flue/air intake outlet to SW pipe.
Remaining components depend on whether the appliance is vented through a wall, chimney or a roof.

Through-the-wall venting
Use SW pipe and elbows in combination with either termination tee(s) or low profile wall termination kit.

Through-the-roof venting
Use SW pipe and elbows (optionally, if offset is needed) all the way to and through the roof, or in combination with SW x concentric adapter & concentric roof termination. In either case, a roof flashing would be needed and is sold separately.

Chimney venting
When venting through the chimney, optimal solution is to use Innoflue Flex in combination with SW. Single-wall pipe and elbows are installed to run the vent to the base of the chimney. From there, Flex pipe can be used all the way to the top.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Innoflue SW pipe UV-resistant?
A: Yes. Both grey and black Innoflue single-wall pipe and fittings are UV resistant. They can also be painted to match exterior design with a polypropylene-compatible paint (i.e. Performix Plasti Dip).

Q: What’s the warranty and life expectancy?
A: Warranty is 10 years. Innoflue has been in use for over 17 years.

Q: Why are elbows 87° and not 90°?
A: The 3° slope is required for proper condensate drainage.

Q: Can Innoflue be used on non-condensing equipment?
A: As long as flue gas temperature does not exceed 248°F. Maximum ambient air temperature is 300°F.

Q: Can Innoflue be combined with other vent piping?
A: Except for appliance x SW transitions - no.