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Mini Tank Electric Hot Water Heaters

Miniature tank type electric storage water heater is an ideal solution for most point-of-use (POU) single-fixture applications with low- to medium-volume hot water demands, especially where a 120V outlet is readily available. No need for running new pipe lines or wires - simply plug in, use flexible connectors (such as BrassCraft or similar) for hot and cold water and done!
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Advantages of a mini-tank electric water heater

No gas lines or venting needed - in homes using natural and propane gas for heating, running gas lines and flue vents is an expensive and intrusive process which is easily avoided with a small stand-alone storage type electric water heater.

No high voltage or special wiring needed - most models listed simply plug into a standard 3-prong 120V outlet, which eliminates the need to hire an electrician.

Compact - due to relatively small size, mini-tank water heaters can be installed under a sink or mounted on the wall.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Just how long would hot water in a mini-tank heater last?
A: When we open a faucet to use hot water, the average temperature is usually around 105°F. Since water in the faucet is a mix between cold (ground) and hot (tank), depending on the temperature of ground water in your region, the percentage of tank (hot) water in the mix could be anywhere from 70% (for warmer climates) to 80%+ (for colder climates). For a 1.0 GPM fixture, this would mean 0.7 - 0.8 GPM (0.75 avg.) of hot water from tank is used. The higher the fixture flow, the higher the hot water consumption. Examples:
A 2.5-gallon mini-tank heater would provide hot water for the following durations respectively: bathroom sink (1.0 GPM) ~ 3 minutes; kitchen sink (1.5 GPM) ~ 2 minutes; shower (2.0 GPM) ~ 1.5 minutes.
The same scenario but with a 6.0-gallon tank would be: ~8 minutes for bathroom; ~5 minutes for kitchen; ~4 minutes for shower.

Q: Would I need to install a dedicated electrical line & breaker for a mini-tank heater?
A: Usually, no. Most models come with a standard 120V 3-prong plug and use about 1.3kW of power when in use. A typical 15A or 20A outlet should be sufficient as long as no other powerful devices are connected to and used simultaneously on the same line.

Q: Is there any advantage of a mini-tank vs a small tank (~20gal)?
A: The most prominent one is the easy electrical connection, since larger storage type heaters would need 208/240V. In reality, the mini tank is great where you need full flow hot water, but only for short periods of time. Anything more would call for a larger tank capacity or a tankless alternative.
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