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PEX Clip Guns & Clips

Developed and manufactured by Peter Mangone in Lakewood, Colorado, PEX clip guns allow to quickly and easily secure PEX tubing to a plywood subfloor or wooden stud.
The clip gun can hold up to (20) clips of any size – from 3/8" to 3/4" and is also compatible with copper or CPVC piping.
To use the PEX gun, installer needs to load it with staples, position over the pipe and press the handle (3 times for the manual model and once for the pneumatic one).
Each tool comes with a belt carrying clip and includes a how-to manual.

Difference between manual and pneumatic models

Peter Mangone RB-5 manual model is the most popular choice. It’s lighter then the RB-6 and costs about 10 times less, but requires a lot of physical effort, especially when installing PEX between the joists.
RB-6 pneumatic clip gun is a tool of choice for professional installers who handle large volume of radiant jobs and have a compressor available.

Difference between flush mount and stand-off PEX clips

Flush mount clips are designed to hold the pipe directly against the mounting surface, whereas stand-off clips create a small gap between the pipe and the mounting surface.
Stand-off clips are much more popular for installation of an underfloor heating system where PEX is attached to the bottom of the subfloor. The small gap prevents PEX from contacting the subfloor and significantly reduces noises associated with expansion and contraction of PEX with temperature changes.