Plumbers Socket Shower Wrench Set
Brand: Matco-Norca
Part#: SW-100
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Matco-Norca plumbers socket shower wrench set is used to remove and install shower and tub fittings and nuts. The set contains 2-sided wrenches. Each socket has engraved sizing for quick and easy wrench selection.

  • 5 Piece set, comes with bar handle
  • For removing hex tub and shower valve stems
  • Each socket fits two sizes
  • Includes bar handle for easy storage, function removal of recessed tub and shower valves.
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Technical Specifications:
  • Wrench Sizes: 21/32, 27/32, 29/32, 31/32, 1-1/32, 1-3/32, 1-5/32, 1-9/32, 1-11/32, 1-7/16.