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Providing proper support for long runs of PEX tubing?

Long runs of PEX pipe have to be supported with proper hangers. It is generally recommended to fasten the tubing at every 32 inches when running it alongside a joist and at least every 6 feet if the tubing is supported by beams and running across them. Plastic straps and hangers are recommended but metal supports that are designed for use with plastic tubing can also be used. You shouldn’t use supports that are too small or can cut, scratch or in any way damage the tubing. Since PEX tubing expands and contacts when water temperature changes, it should be able to easily move in its support. It is also necessary to inspect all of the supports to make sure that there are no sharp edges that could damage the tubing.

Vertical runs of PEX tubing should be supported at every floor and at the mid-floor level, or approximately, every 4-6ft. When penetrating metal studs or other rigid surfaces, protect the tubing by using sleeving materials on all the penetrations. Regular nylon suspension pipe clamps may offer an easy and cost effective solution. It is also important to understand that PEX tubing expands and contracts as water temperature in the system changes. That is why it is recommended to allow 1/8" slack per foot of installed tubing (or approx. 1.5" per every 10ft). You can also create a loop in the PEX that is about 8-10 times the OD diameter of the tubing. Expansion will be accommodated by the tubing’s flexibility for sizes smaller than and including 1" size tubing.

Among the products supplied by PexUniverse.com, the following can be used for horizontal and vertical support of PEX tubing: Tube Talons, Nylon Pipe Clamps, Snap-in Clips, Peter Mangone Clips and Staple system.