12-port Copper Manifold with 3/4" Sweat branches, 1-1/2" Sweat Trunk
Brand: Sioux Chief
Part#: 6796L-12333
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Technical Specifications:
  • Lead-Free, approved for potable water use
  • Type L copper
  • (12) Branches/Outlets
  • Branches: 3/4" copper pipe size (male sweat)
  • Trunk/Inlets: 1-1/2" copper pipe size (male sweat)
  • Branch spacing: 3" OC (On Center)
  • Dimensions (L x H): 39" x 3".
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How would one go about attaching 3/4" pex to this? Does it require sweating or soldering an adaptor on? Is there a pex valve that can go in between the branches and the pex tubing?
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You can sweat on BPF7304 (or PLF7304 lead-free) adapters or use push style couplings (PF-C4-LF). If you need to have a valve, you can solder on BV034CX (BV034CX-LF lead-free) or use a push style ball valve (PF-BV4-LF).
By PexUniverse Customer Service on 12/19/2016

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