Ox Box Washing Machine Outlet Box w/ Water Hammer Arrestors, 1/2" PEX (Lead-Free)
Brand: Sioux Chief
Part#: 696-G2313XF
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Sioux Chief OX Box Washing Machine Outlet Box for 1/2" PEX with 1/4-turn ball valves and mini water hammer arrestors.
Lead-free compliant, meets NSF/ANSI 61/372 standards and approved for potable water use nationwide.
Water hammer arrestors are cUPC listed and ASSE 1010 certified.

Complete set includes the following components:
  • (1) Outlet box with (2) 1/4 turn ball valves, (2) water hammer arrestors and frame (1/2" PEX crimp style connection)
  • (1) Outlet box with knockout for drain hose with frame (2" PVC drain connection)
  • (2) Debris covers
  • (1) Stud mounting bracket
  • (1) Mounting rail with pre-drilled holes for screws
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Love the flexibility
Great product and easy to use. I really loved the fact the washing machine box comes in two pieces that are easily configured to the installation desired. Drain pipe left side of stud? Not a problem! Drain on right side of stud? Not a problem! Plus, the hammer arrestors are now required (code) and the pex hookup on the water supply lines were the icing on my decision to purchase. Very satisfied customer
By Nail It! Home Improvements on 05/25/2016
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Verified Purchase
OX BOX Washing Machine Outlet Box with 1/2" PEX connections, Water Ham
Merchandise was at my home within 3 days of placing the order online. I looked all around Home Depot and local hardware stores for something comparable and there was nothing of this quality for this price. In fact all that i found was less quality for more $$$.
By Ameigh (from Woodstock, VT ) on 06/19/2012
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By BUZ (from UPSTATE NEW YORK) on 07/04/2011
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Is there any reason the supply outlet box could not be installed upside down for an application where the supply lines come down from above? Building codes are irrelevant for this application.
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Supply box can be installed upside down.
By PexUniverse Customer Service on 06/05/2017
Are the outlet shut-off connections (those that the washing machine hooks up to) "hose type fittings? Thanks.
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Yes, both outlets have hose-type threads compatible with the hoses that come with the washing machine or available for purchase locally.
By PexUniverse Customer Service on 02/06/2013
Will these pex units work with Uponor pex installation? What are the canisters for on top of the key lock?
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No. The outlets are crimp style and are for use with regular PEX tubing and crimp or clamp connection methods. The chambers on top are water hammer arrestors which absorb pressure spikes caused by quick closing of the valves.

If you want a unit compatible with Uponor PEX, you can use 696-G2313MF model with 1/2" MPT/Sweat connections and a 1/2" ProPEX x FPT or ProPEX x Male Sweat adapter. The same model without the arrestors would be 696-G2303MF.
By PexUniverse Customer Service on 06/29/2015

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