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Sioux Chief Adjustable Flashing & Tile-in PVC Shower Pan Drains

Standard and high-capacity PVC shower pan drains with adjustable height round or square strainer options in various finishes - stainless steel, bronze, etc.
Also available in tile-in grate/strainer options.
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Selecting a drain for a tile-in shower pan

A shower pan drain consists of (3) main parts – drain base (body) with flange & pipe hub, clamping collar w/ bolts (secures shower pan liner over the drain base to prevent leaks) and the head adapter with strainer.
Drain base and clamping collar are the same throughout all 821 series and only the head adapter offers flexibility in terms of drain shape (round/square) and finishes (polished steel, oil rubbed bronze, tile, etc.). The same applies to 683 series.

Cast Metal vs. Plastic Rim & Strainer vs. No-Rim
821-T200P is the only basic model in Sioux Chief product line-up with a plastic rim (visible portion around the strainer) and a stamped 19-gauge st. steel strainer. All the other models we carry have a solid cast metal strainer and rim – whether in round or square shape.
We do not carry, nor recommend tile-in shower pan drains without the rim (a ring around the strainer). In such drains, tile grout comes in direct contact with the strainer and will high likely chip away during regular use, drain cleaning or strainer replacement.

Round vs. Square shower strainer
Round or square strainers are generally selected to match the rest of the bathroom design. Round holes can be more challenging to cut in large tile without proper tools. Square strainers therefore are easier to install. Both types, however, are popular and offer the same drainage capacity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there a “square” alternative to 821-T200P drain?
A: This model can be changed over to square head using 821-2QAS (polished steel finish) or 821-2QARB (oil rubbed bronze finish) adapters. Strainers on these adapters have 2-5/8” on-center screw bolts and interchangeable with other brands to match the desired finish.

Q: Are strainers replaceable?
A: On plastic rim model (821-T200P), use 4-1/4” screw-in replacement strainers with 2-5/8” on-center screws (available in oil rubbed bronze, polished brass and satin nickel finishes). On all other models, use 4” replacement strainers with 2-5/8” on-center screws.

Q: What is the purpose of the plug?
A: Plug included with the drains is used for DWV pressure testing (where required), shower pan leak testing, preventing damage to the shower drain head during construction and to prevent debris from entering the drain line. It is included with the drain at no additional cost.
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