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Swing Check Valves

We stock a large selection of Matco-Norca lead-free swing check valves in sizes up to 1-1/4". These valves are rated 200 psi WOG / 125 psi SWP and come with threaded (ANSI B2.1 compliant) or sweat/solder (ANSI B16.18 compliant) outlets. Suitable for water, oil, gas or steam applications.
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About Swing Check Valves

Swing check valve in a one-way valve, which prevents the backflow of water by means of a metallic disc suspended on a hinge or a shaft inside the valve and positioned directly against the flow opening. When water moves in the “open” direction, indicated by the arrow on the check valve body, it swings the disc on the hinge and passes with very little restriction. When flow ceases, the disc returns to its normally “closed” position. In the event of backflow, the water pushes on the disc in a reverse direction, thus keeping it in a closed position.
Due to the nature of the mechanism inside the swing check valve, it can only be installed in positions which ensure that the valve remains normally closed. These include vertical (with flow arrow pointing upwards) and horizontal, in level with the ground (with protruding portion of the valve on top).
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