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Taco Pumps

Browse our large inventory of Taco pumps, including “00” series circulators with or without IFC (integral flow check), Bumble Bee and variable speed series, priority zoning circulators, X Pump Block, Radiant Mixing Block and others.

About Taco Pumps

Taco pumps are wet rotor, cartridge-type circulator pumps comprised of a volute and motor assembly with a replaceable cartridge. All “00” and 2400 series models must be hardwired to an external power source such as a switching relay. RMB, XPB and Smart Plus series have a power cord with a plug.
A typical Taco pump has flanged connections and requires the user to purchase a set of flanges or flange isolator valves to connect the pump in-line with the piping. Accessories such as timers and aquastats allow for additional control options.
Taco pumps are designed and assembled in the USA, backed by a 3-year factory warranty and are the most popular brand of circulator pumps in the USA.

Taco Pump Types

All Taco circulators can be divided into the following main categories according to their speed and material of construction:

Single, 3-Speed and Variable Speed Taco Circulator Pumps

Single speed circulator pumps are the basic models with a fixed flow and head parameters. Most of the Taco pumps in the “00” series, including the popular 006, 007, 009, 0011 and priority zoning series are single speed circulators.

3-Speed models feature a Hi/Med/Low switch which allows the pump to run in 3 modes, giving user the advantage of 3 circulators in 1 and allowing to switch between these to match the system requirements or as the need arises. Taco 0010, 0015 and 00R series are 3-speed cartridge circulators.

Taco Variable Speed circulators with built-in variable speed control are the latest technology in the circulator pump industry, which allow user to dial the required temperature, while pump automatically adjusts the flow to meet the programmed temperature settings. Taco Bumble Bee and Delta T series are variable speed circulators.

Cast Iron, Bronze and Stainless Steel Taco Pumps

Cast iron Taco pumps feature a cast iron volute and are suitable for closed-loop applications only, such as radiant floor heating, baseboard and radiator heating, hydronic fan coils and similar.

Bronze Taco pumps have a lead-free bronze volute and are commonly used in applications such as domestic hot water recirculation, chilled water cooling and similar open loop applications.

Stainless steel Taco pumps have a light-weight stainless steel housing, which is lead-free compliant and is highly resistant to corrosion, allowing to use them in open or closed applications including radiant, solar and domestic water recirculation.

Selecting a Taco circulator pump

A Taco pump is sized and selected according to voltage, flow and head characteristics, as well as specifics such as speed and volute material described above. Each circulator has a “pump curve”, which is a chart showing the flow performance of the pump in GPM (Gallons per Minute) at given pressure drop in psi (Pounds per Square Inch) or ft (feet of head).
Select Taco pump series have additional features such as built-in check valve, integrated switching relay and other options.