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Taco Switching Relays

SR series enhanced switching relays by Taco are the best choice in the industry for zoning with circulators. Relay acts as intermediary between the boiler, 115V circulator pump(s) and 24V thermostat(s), allowing to control several pumps using a single thermostat, or, if the system has several zones, use multiple thermostats to control particular sets of one or more circulators.
Taco switching relays are available in standard 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6-zone models and expandable 3, 4 and 6-zone models. Up to (20) EXP relays can be combined to control up to 120 zones total.
Made in the USA and backed by 3-year manufacturers warranty.
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About Taco Switching Relays

Designed with an installer in mind, SR series relays are packed with features which make installation and servicing quick and easy. All units have straightforward PC board layout and come with external LED diagnostic lights. Universal thermostat compatibility allows to use virtually any thermostat brand and 24V power outputs are built-in for hard-wired thermostats. All models except 1-zone come with switchable priority and have a built-in priority protection.
EXP switching relays (except 1-zone model) have additional features such as built-in pump exercise and post purge functions, interface with Taco ZVC -EXP controls and 2 boiler contacts for optimal performance with modulating/condensing boilers.
Taco switching relays are best used with Taco circulators, but are also compatible with other brands, including Grundfos, Wilo, Armstrong, B&G and others.
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