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Varivalve Adjustable Straight Steam Radiator Vent, 1/8" NPT
Brand: Varivalve
Part#: 925006-00

Varivalve Straight 925006-00 is an adjustable Radiator Air Vent with 1/8" pipe thread, designed for a single pipe steam heating/venting. The lab and in-field trials clearly show that a larger vent can vent a system more rapidly resulting in lowering operating pressure requirements. Phosphor bronze bellows of 925005-00 Radiator Air Vent provides a positive shut-off by closing and stopping the steam from escaping the radiator once heated by steam otherwise the steam will not fill the radiator.

The task of the Varivalve Straight 925006-00 radiator air vent is to drive out the air of the radiator before the steam entering. The fill time of a radiator changes proportionally to the venting capacity of the radiator air vent (at a given pressure). One can control the radiator steam fill time speed by simply installing a radiator air vent with a certain venting capacity. Varivalve Straight 925006-00 a Radiator Air Vent boasts quiet operation and is ideal for balancing out the heat distribution in a building. The convenient fingertip lever of Varivalve Straight 925006-00 provides the means of adjustment of the venting rate. The purpose of a larger orifice is to allow the air to be driven out at a lower back pressure.

  • Straight style quick vent
  • 1/8" Pipe thread
  • Phosphor bronze bellows provides positive shut-off
  • Quiet operation, no clicking or hissing
  • Provides a means for air to be driven out of the radiator as steam enters, allowing main lines to fill quicker
  • Fingertip lever allows adjustment of venting rate
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