Viega PEX Tubing

Viega’s line of PEX tubing is manufactured in the USA and includes Ultra series non-barrier (plumbing) and oxygen barrier regular PEX tubing (PEX-b type) as well as FostaPEX PEX-AL-PE tubing with an aluminum core, which is similar to PEX-AL-PEX tubing.
Viega PEX tubing is intended for use with Viega PEX press connection method (PEX press tool + PEX press fittings – bronze or poly) and is also compatible with regular PEX crimp and cinch connection methods, as well as push-to-connect fittings.
Viega FostaPEX tubing is intended for use only with Viega PEX press fittings and requires a coring/prep tool in addition to the press tool to make a proper connection.