1-1/4" NPT Threaded Brass Ball Valve, Full Port
Brand: Wright Valves
Part#: BV114T
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This product does not meet the new low-lead criteria defined in Safe Drinking Water Act and cannot be used for potable water applications, including for drinking and cooking. This product can be used for non-potable water applications only.

1-1/4" Threaded Brass Ball Valve, Full Port.

  • Watts: 1-1/4 FBV-4
  • Apollo/Conbraco: 64-106
  • Nibco: T-FP-600A 1-1/4
  • Matco-Norca: 759T06
  • Webstone Valves: 44705
  • American Valve: M100-1-1/4
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Technical Specifications:
  • 1-1/4" NPT threaded on both ends
  • 600 WOG / 150 SWP
  • 1/4-Turn Steel Handle
  • Threaded Ends Meet w/ ANSI B2.1
  • Teflon Seats
  • Blow Out Proof Stem
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Seeing this is has a yellow handle, it this certified for Natural Gas?
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All BVT valves (threaded), except for models with "D" suffix are UL listed for US and Canada for use with natural gas with up to 250 psi max. working pressure. Regardless of the brand or model, yellow handle (or any other color handle) does not indicate the certification of the valve or it's compliance with any safety standard.
By PexUniverse Customer Service on 02/04/2013

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