Boiler Drain Valves

Brass boiler drain valves, also called drain cocks, are used with boilers, water heaters and storage tanks or simply installed in line to drain water in a plumbing or heating system.
They have a full flow design, 125 psi WOG rated and feature a stuffing box, angle spout, multi-turn handle and a 3/4" standard male garden hose outlet. Available in 1/2" and 3/4" sizes. Regular (non-lead-free) models are for non-potable applications only.

About Boiler Drains

Although commonly referred to as “boiler” drain valves, these valves are suitable for other equipment types and a wide range of applications. Boiler drains have a design similar to that of a sillcock and are more compact to allow for installation in concealed locations. Since most of these valves installed at a lowest level in the system, they have an angle spout, which allows for easier connection of a drain hose.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the difference between lead-free and non lead-free drain valves?
A: Only the lead-free version is suitable for installation in potable water systems for purposes such as water heater or potable water storage tank drainage applications. Regular (leaded) version can be used for non-potable water applications only.

Q: What are the internal/external connections on these valves?
All outlets are 3/4" male garden hose (MGH) threaded.
External connections on all of the inlets are male threaded.
Wright Valves brand 1/2" boiler drain valve also has a 1/2" female sweat inlet, which accepts regular 1/2" copper pipe.
Matco-Norca 1/2" valve also accepts 1/2" copper pipe, while 3/4" model also accepts 1/2" threaded pipe.

Q: I need to install an in-line drain valve, but space is a big issue. Is there a more compact solution available?
A: Check out Webstone T-Drain valves.