Bosch Gas Tankless Water Heaters

Bosch Greentherm 9000 and Therm C1210, 940 & 830 condensing and non-condensing gas tankless water heaters for indoor and outdoor residential or commercial use.

Bosch Gas Tankless Series

Greentherm 9000 - are the latest addition to Bosch gas tankless lineup. These are high-end, ultra-high efficiency condensing water heaters (up to 100%) with modern tech additions and sleek design. They also feature additional top water connections for added installation versatility and allow to extra-long plastic or concentric vent pipe length. Includes: T9900 (indoor-only, w/ built-in recirc. pump and WiFi app on select models) and T9800 (indoor or outdoor - depending on model, no add-ons). Note: outdoor models have only bottom hot/cold water connections.
Therm C 1210 - are Bosch’s high-BTU condensing gas tankless heaters with up to 98% efficiency. They have larger BTU rating than the Greentherm 9000 and are well suited for higher-volume applications, including larger households and commercial. They are ASME rated, use plastic (PVC/CPVC/ABS) vent pipe and by default, configured for indoor only applications (can be converted to outdoor with a separate outdoor kit).
Therm 940 & 830 - basic, non-condensing series gas tankless with 82% thermal efficiency. These use Category III stainless steel venting (such as Z-Vent by Z-Flex) and have output similar to that of the Greentherm 9000.