3/4" x 500ft Oxygen Barrier PEX Tubing
Brand: Everhot
Part#: BPR3450
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500ft roll of 3/4" PEX Tubing with Oxygen Barrier for use in radiant heating applications.

Meets/exceeds ASTM F876/877, CSA B137.5, DIN 4726 standards.

Certified for use in radiant floor heating applications. UPC listed by IAPMO.

PPI pressure rated at: 79psi @ 200F, 100psi @ 180F, 160psi @ 73F

Packing: Box, 33" x 33" x 10"; Weight: 60.0 lbs;

Everhot PEX Tubing with Oxygen Barrier:

  • Is manufactured to ASTM F876/F877 & CSA B137.5 standards.
  • Tested and Certified by NSF for use in floor radiant heating applications.
  • NSF Certified to the Uniform Plumbing Code.


3/4" PEX Tubing with Oxygen Barrier can be used for the following heating applications:

  1. Structural Concrete Slabs (Rebar or wire mesh reinforced, 4-6" thick). Slab-On-Grade Systems (larger garages, warehouses and other storage and commercial facilities). 3/4" PEX Tubing is secured on top of the reinforcement with wire ties, zip ties or clips.
  2. Snow Melt Systems (reinforced structural slabs). Similar to radiant heated slabs, but does not require insulation and requires a proper drainage system.
  3. Copper tube finned baseboard radiators, cast iron and aluminum radiators.
  4. Fan coil units and water to air heat exchangers.


Everhot Oxygen Barrier PEX Tubing can be installed using either Crimp type connection system (Crimp Tool, Crimp-style PEX Fittings and Copper Crimp Rings) or Clamp/Cinch type connection system (Clamp Tool, Crimp-style PEX Fittings and Stainless Steel Clamps). Also compatible with Push-Fit connection system (such as SharkBite), Viega Press type system and Compression type PEX fittings.

This product is a replacement for:

  • Watts (RadiantPEX): PB032121-500
  • Viega (ViegaPEX): 11458
  • Zurn (ZurnPEX): QHR4PC500FX
PEX Tubing colors and packaging may vary by manufacturer.

3/4" PEX Tubing with Oxygen Barrier is the most popular size for all snow melt projects.

According to RPA Standard Guidelines, 500ft is the recommended circuit length for the 3/4" Oxygen Barrier PEX Tubing, when used for radiant floor heating applications. For snow melt applications, 300ft length is considered more appropriate.

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Worked as expected, check on manifolds before buying
I installed about 3000 ft of this in a 5" slab for heat in my pole barn. It worked nicely. We tied it to a wire mesh. The sharp ends will damage the pex, but that is not the pipe's fault. Check out your manifold options before purchasing. It is a little tougher to find a 3/4" manifold, they can get expensive and are not as easy to find as 1/2". Pricing on this pex was much lower than I could find locally.
By Hillbilly Wizard (from Halifax, PA) on 05/31/2015
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Same stuff as what the local hardware store sells for a much lower price. Will shop here again!
By rr contractor (from Central VT) on 08/23/2011
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Can i use the regular pex in a heating system to replace 3/4 in copper or do i need the oxygen barrier pex tubing???
Helpful? Yes -1 No
If you have a closed loop system which does not connect into a plumbing system, then you must use oxygen barrier PEX. If you have an open loop system where same how water is used both for heating and domestic purposes, then you must use non-barrier PEX.
By PexUniverse Customer Service on 12/17/2015

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