3-branch Brass Radiant Heat Manifold Set w/ 1/2" PEX adapters
Brand: Rifeng
Part#: BSM003
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1/2" PEX adapters are included by default. For other size adapters (free upgrade) make a note at checkout.
3-branch Deluxe Radiant Manifold Set. All-brass construction with nickel plated finish. Pre-assembled.

The following list of components comes with every set:
(1) Supply side radiant manifold w/ (3) adjustable flow indicators and (3) outlets for PEX tubing.

(1) Return side radiant manifold w/ (3) balancing valves and (3) outlets for PEX tubing.

(2) 1" threaded, quarter turn shut-off ball valves - one for each manifold (blue handle for return manifold and red handle for supply).

(2) Temperature gauges on both manifolds to monitor supply and return water temperatures (F & C reading).

(1) Float-type air vent to eliminate air from the system (air vent caps included for pressure testing purposes).

(2) Drain/fill valves with 3/4" garden hose (drain hose) connection and a cap.

(6) Compression adapters for 1/2" PEX tubing (no PEX tools required to connect tubing to the manifold).

(2) Mounting brackets.

Other suggested components:
For pressure testing purposes, use a Pressure Test Kit (SKU# TESTKIT).

Technical Specifications:
  • Total number of PEX outlets: 6
  • Distance OC (On Center) between PEX outlets: 2"
  • Overall height when installed: 14.5"
  • Overall width when installed (with shut-off valves): 12.75"
  • Distance between supply and return manifolds: 8.25" OC.
  • Compatible with all types and brands of PEX tubing (Bow, Viega, Watts, Zurn, Everhot, Nibco, etc.)
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Ask a Question
I need a 3 port manifold for a forced hot water system (cast-iron baseboard). Will this work or should I use something like this: http://www.pexuniverse.com/sioux-chief-3-port-pex-copper-manifold-672x0390? I noticed the heat range on the sioux chief is 140F but my boiler is set to 185.
Helpful? Yes 1 No
The 140F temperature limit in the specs of the Sioux Chief manifolds are for CPVC manifolds, not PEX. The Sioux Chief manifold models we carry would work with 185F water with no issues. The difference between the radiant and copper manifolds is in the components. Copper ones offer basic water distribution with shut-off. Radiant manifolds have flow balancing, temperature monitoring, air elimination, drainage, etc.
By PexUniverse Customer Service on 11/30/2015
Can the ball valves be placed on the right side of the manifold?
Helpful? Yes No
Yes, you can swap the position of the shut-off valves and the air vent/drain combo. The only difference is that the ball valve handle will be pointing down instead of up.
By PexUniverse Customer Service on 07/15/2018
Do the balancing valves completely close so you can purge each loop one at a time?
Helpful? Yes No
Yes, the balancing valves shut-off the flow completely.
By PexUniverse Customer Service on 04/10/2018
Is this manifold ok to use in an open loop system. I.e.for potable water?
Helpful? Yes No
No. BSM and SSM series manifolds are for non-potable water, heating applications only. If you intend to use them on a open loop system, you would need to use an heat exchanger to isolate potable from non-potable.
By PexUniverse Customer Service on 10/05/2016
Can the Rifeng Manifolds be mounted inverted so the tubing enters the top of the manifold?
Helpful? Yes No
We do not recommend the upside down installation because in this position flow meters would tend to accumulate sediment much like a dirt trap, requiring earlier replacement. In a basement or below-the-floor installation, it is best to install manifold in a normal horizontal position and route the PEX tubing upwards.
By PexUniverse Customer Service on 06/23/2015
What's the max distance of per per zone 1/2 pex?
Helpful? Yes No
For indoor radiant floor heating applications, recommended loop length for 1/2" PEX is usually 300ft.
For snow melting - no more than 200ft/loop.
By PexUniverse Customer Service on 03/27/2015

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