24V Thermostatic Actuator (Zone Valve) for SSM & BSM Manifolds, 2-wire
Brand: Rifeng
Part#: SSM101
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Thermostatic Manifold Actuator valve for SSM series stainless steel manifolds. 24V, 0.12A, 2-wire.

This actuator is designed to replace manual balancing valve on SSM or BSM series manifold to provide electronic control of an individual zone (branch). Several actuators can be installed to achieve full control of the manifold.

Compatible with Taco ZVC controls and similar.

  1. Remove manual balancing valve by unscrewing it counter-clockwise (viewed from top).
  2. Replace it with a white O-ring included in the box with actuator.
  3. Snap on the actuator. Wiring can be forward-facing or backward-facing for installation convenience.
  4. Connect actuator wires to the zone valve outlets of the Taco ZVC panel (refer to ZVC manual for instructions).

  • Easy-to-install snap action mechanism
  • Comes with a manifold seat and 40" long wire.

Technical Specifications:
  • Operating temperature (max): 140F
  • Operating temperature (min): 32F.
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Works great
I bought this actuator to connect to my zone control. The connection is the easy part, but it took me a while to understand how it worked as the directions aren't the clearest. Just a tip: the power has to be on for 6min in order for the actuator to get out of safety mode. Once this is done and the power is turned off ( stop calling for heat) it slowly and I mean slowly starts to close the zone. Other then the horrible directions, this seems to be working just as it's intended and plan to purchase a few more
By Ben (from Tecumseh, MI) on 11/08/2015
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Verified Purchase
I saw in other comments how it works. It has some kind of jelly inside and really small heating element-I believe 1 or 2 Watts. It takes few min, but thats of- no hydrolic shock on system and impressive efficiency. I have it for 8 months now and no issues. When i got this ones (6), they did not have the 4 wire ones. When designing the system, if you use 2 wire ones,make sure to get differential bypass valve and put jumper on end switch in Taco ZVC
By Momchil, Lic Plumber (from Sacramento,CA) on 08/17/2016
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Verified Purchase
Good but Odd Operation
Trying to find the manufacturer of this item is almost impossible. Too many claim the same item with different names on it, including Asia and Italy companies. Therefore, trying to find detailed operational characteristics was impossible.Ben's information below was highly valuable and accurate.
By Reviewer (from Michigan) on 01/24/2016
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Verified Purchase
Made in Germany
Those one are less expensive than American ones . Made in Germany, look really nice and we'll build. Let's see how will work over time
By Mich (from Los Angeles) on 11/26/2015
Ask a Question
Do you need a Actuator for each radiant loop or can they control more than 1 loop?
Helpful? Yes 5 No
A single actuator can control a single loop (branch) of the manifold. When zoning a radiant heating manifold, multiple actuators can also be wired to the same zone on the zone control panel (such as Taco ZVC series) which is controlled by a single thermostat.
By PexUniverse Customer Service on 10/18/2012
Do they have a four wire equivalent for a SSM103 manifold? A two wire would not work with my TACO SR506 relay that is already installed in the system.
Helpful? Yes 3 No
SSM101 is a 2-wire actuator without an end switch. SSM201 is a 4-wire actuator with an end switch. BOTH work with Taco SR switching relays, including SR506. The only difference is that you would not have an end switch on the SSM101 and would normally have to install a bypass such as Taco 3196 to bypass the water pumped bu the circulator until the actuator is fully opened (~3-4 minutes). On the SSM201, the 4-wire design delays start-up of the circulator and therefore eliminates the need for creating a bypass.
By PexUniverse Customer Service on 10/17/2016
After you replace the manual balancing valves on the Everhot manifolds with actuators, how do you balance the circuits. One shorter circuit that needs to be throttled down, for example?
Helpful? Yes 3 No
Flow meters act as secondary valves and can be screwed in (clockwise when seen from top) to reduce the flow through a particular branch.
By PexUniverse Customer Service on 03/27/2013
Can these be installed in an upside down position in a situation where the Pex radiant loops are coming down from above and the supply and return manifold rails are mounted horizontally?
Helpful? Yes 2 No
These can be installed only in an upright position (with manifold connection outlet at the bottom).
By PexUniverse Customer Service on 03/18/2015
How are these hooked in system and what other connections do yoiu need?
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These actuators are designed for installation with Everhot SSM or BSM series radiant heating manifolds and replace manual balancing valves (white for SSM and blue for BSM). Initially, the manual balancing valve is removed from the manifold by unscrewing the base counter-clockwise. Then, the plastic O-ring supplied with the actuator is screwed into place of the manual balancing valve. Finally, the actuator is snapped over the O-ring. The wiring is typically connected to a zone valve control, such as Taco ZVC.
By PexUniverse Customer Service on 09/11/2012
When placed on a SSM manifold, does the actuator fully open the zone it's instllaed on or can you adj the flow?
Helpful? Yes No
The actuator can only open or close a given manifold branch. It does not regulate the water flow. The actuator is normally controlled by an external module such as Taco ZVC series, which is in turn controlled by a thermostat.
By PexUniverse Customer Service on 10/18/2012

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