Electric Radiant Floor Heating Cable

Senphus 6FHC Electric Radiant Floor Heating Cables are designed and manufactured to be used for underfloor radiant heating applications in new and existing structures.

The cables are manufactured according to IEC60800 standard and are made up of twin Alloy or Tinned copper conductors, XLPE insulation, tinned copper drain wire, AL-Mylar screen, and PVC outer jacket.

6FHC cables can be installed in concrete slab and covered with common floor covering such as wood (special instructions apply), marble, and tile. The system is controlled by a temperature sensor, which is also installed under the floor and is connected to a thermostat. It monitors the temperature and sends signals to turn the system on/off, as needed.

Senphus 6FHC Series cables are available in different length and wattage.