Frost Free Sillcocks

Frost free sillcocks listed in this category are 150 psi WOG rated and are lead-free compliant. 212 series are anti-siphon type sillcocks with CSA and ASSE approvals.
All models have a standard 3/4" male garden hose outlet and a multi-turn handle.

About Frost Proof Sillcocks

Frost free or frost proof sillcock is an outdoor faucet or valve with elongated body and a mounting flange, intended for outdoor installation for irrigation and utility purposes. This valve is designed to prevent freezing of water and bursting of the pipes in colder climates and is required by code in many parts of the country.
The anti-siphon version of a frost proof sillcock includes a vacuum breaker, which prevents accidental backflow of contaminated water into the potable water system inside the house.