Honeywell V8043 Zone Valves

Honeywell V8043 series includes a wide range of 2-way, 24V zone valves with terminal block (hardwired) or 18" leads connections in threaded and sweat (solder) options. Listed models are rated up to 200F. Model-specific optional features include auxiliary end switch and normally closed or normally open operation.

Honeywell V8043 series

All valves in the V8043 series are rated 200F with a maximum ambient temperature of 125F and have replaceable powerheads.


This series includes 2-way 1000 and 5000 QuickFit models zone valves with 18" lead connections designed for basic closed loop hydronic applications.


The V8043B series valves are a normally-open version of the V8043A series without a manual opener, but with similar characteristics and specifications.


These zone valves are 2-way valves with an auxiliary end switch, 18" leads and a manual opener, available in 1/2", 3/4" and 1" sweat connections.


Honeywell V8043F series are the most popular zone valve models with terminal block (hardwired) electrical connections, end switches and sweat connections.