How do I know if PEX tubing is allowed by code in my area?

Radiant Heating Installations
According to the latest information available, PEX tubing is approved for use in residential, commercial, industrial and institutional radiant heating applications everywhere across the U.S.

PEX Plumbing in your Area
Although PEX tubing is approved by all major building codes and major model plumbing codes, it still has not received acceptance with local codes in some parts of the country. For example, PEX tubing has only recently been allowed for use in the state of California. You can check if using PEX tubing is allowed for plumbing applications in your community by contacting the local authority with jurisdiction over plumbing. You can also try contacting your local licensed plumber. He might belong to a committee and could advise on the use of PEX tubing.

US Standards That Must be Met by PEX Tubing

  • ASTM F876 - Standard requirements for PEX Tubing
  • ASTM F877 - Requirements for PEX Plastic Hot and Cold Water Distribution Systems