How installing PEX tubing can save you money

How installing PEX tubing can save you money

When cost effectiveness is the number one concern of dealing with floor heating installation, the answer of which tubing to choose from is really a no-brainer. PEX tubing provides a cheaper alternative of heated water when compared to that of copper based tubing systems. From just about every facet or faucet, PEX tubing will cost less money than traditional copper systems.


Worldwide, the overall cost of metals are on the rise, so any type of metallic plumbing system will cost extra just on the materials alone, and that doesn’t even include labor. Installing rigid metallic plumbing systems are more labor intensive than PEX plumbing, and require a multitude of steps along the way.


When joining metallic rigid piping, soldering and joint compressions are a must so that leaves more room for human error, which can lead to potential leak hazards. The smallest of leaks can ruin a foundation and will cost an arm and a leg to fix. Overall PEX is as leak free as one would expect from a tubing option and requires no soldering, only joint compressions. Since metals are rigid and limited in length, they require a lot more joint fittings than PEX. PEX pipe provides continuous long runs and does not require the metal joint fittings one would need with copper tubing by sweating the pipes.


In today’s world, saving the planet by being mindful of “green” issues is very important. PEX systems can reduce both energy and water by delivering water to fixtures much faster by reducing losses in the piping. This will save the plant and money in the long run.  Also, when it comes to manufacturing lengths of PEX tubing when compared to metallic pipe consumes far less energy, which lowers transportation costs and energy consumption.


Bottom line here is, PEX plumbing systems are less labor intensive and can optimize system performance when done correctly.

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