Innoflue Concentric Vent Pipe & Parts

Innoflue Concentric is the only concentric polypropylene flue vent system on the market which is UL 1738 listed and approved by over 50 boiler, water heater and furnace manufacturers. It incorporates flue vent and air intake into a single pipe, allowing for significant space saving and installation versatility. Innoflue Concentric is made in the USA and approved for use with Category II, III and IV condensing/non-condensing appliances with flue gas temperatures below 248°F.

About Innoflue Concentric

The inner core of Innoflue Concentric pipe is Innoflue SW poly pipe, intended for flue gases. The outer (larger) pipe is metal, intended for fresh air intake. Unlike Innoflue single wall pipe, concentric does not require connector rings and is instead secured with screws, which are included with the pipe. Concentric vent pipe design offers not only significant space savings, but also added protection, since any accidental flue gas leaks will be routed to air intake of the appliance instead of the dwelling.
Concentric 2"/4", 3"/5" and 4"/6" sizes correspond to single wall 2", 3" and 4" diameters. Similar to other Innoflue vent pipe, concentric can be cut as needed to fit specific installation requirements. The outside diameters are 3-7/8" OD for 2"/4" concentric and 4-7/8" for 3"/5".

Concentric wall venting
When venting an appliance through the wall using Innoflue concentric, the following parts are most commonly required:
1. A vertical pipe - connects to the appliance and raises the vent to the height of wall opening (hole).
2. 87° elbow - makes a sharp turn toward the outside of the dwelling.
3. Wall termination adapter (kit) - installs into the elbow and provides outside termination.
Note: termination adapter can also be shortened (cut) as needed.
Additional elbows or pipe lengths may be needed depending on obstacles and how close/far the appliance is located from the wall. For longer runs of pipe, it would have to be supported with Innoflue Concentric support clamps.

Concentric roof venting
There are (3) main options when venting an appliance through the roof using Innoflue Concentric:
1. If appliance has concentric flue/air intake connection – concentric can be used all the way from the appliance to the roof. This option will require concentric pipe, elbows (optionally – if vent pipe must be routed around obstructions – i.e. joists, other piping, etc.), roof termination adapter and support clamps. This method is best suited for shorter vent runs due to restrictive cost of concentric pipe.
2. On longer vent runs, a more cost-effective option may be to convert concentric appliance outlet to single wall (Concentric x Single Wall adapter) and using single wall pipe, run the vent nearly all they way to the roof, where it is converted back to concentric and terminated using a roof termination adapter.
3. If appliance does not have a concentric outlet, and instead comes with separate single wall flue and intake – the latter (SW) can be used to run the vent all the way to the top, then convert from SW to concentric (SW x Concentric adapter) and use a concentric roof termination adapter.
Note: a roof flashing is required for roof termination adapter and must be purchased separately.