Innoflue Flex Vent Pipe & Parts

Innoflue Flex is the only flexible polypropylene flue vent system on the market which is UL 1738 listed and approved by over 50 boiler, water heater and furnace manufacturers. It is made in the USA approved for use with Category II, III and IV condensing and non-condensing appliances with flue gas temperatures below 248°F.

About Innoflue Flex

Innoflue Flex is durable & flexible polypropylene (PP) flue exhaust pipe, intended for installation inside a masonry chimney, sheetrock chase or B-vent.
Innoflue Flex is the best available alternative on the market to metal and plastic (PP/CPVC/PVC) rigid pipe – competitively priced, flexible (no elbows required), cut to size (continuous pipe lengths require no connectors).

Selecting correct parts for a Flex vent system

IFCKC chimney component kits + IFVL pipe lengths include most of the components for installing the Flex pipe inside a masonry chimney or sheetrock chase. Example: use IFCKC03 and IFVL03 for 3" pipe.
Above components include all parts for running the pipe from the base of the chimney to the top (with chimney cover and end pipe included).
Note: Additional Innoflue SW (Single Wall) piping and components are required to run the flue pipe to the base of the chimney where Flex pipe is installed. Most commonly, these include (but are not limited to): an appliance adapter - for transitioning between appliance and SW pipe, 87° elbow (ISEL) - for changing the direction from vertical to horizontal, pipe length (ISVL) needed to connect the SW pipe to the base support elbow included in the IFCKC kit, and IANS connector rings for every SW connection.
Optional components may include wall plate (IAWP) - for covering the hole in the chimney, support clamps (IASCM) – for supporting long runs of pipe, condensate tee (ISHDT) – for condensate drainage, and others.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can Flex pipe be installed horizontally?
A: No. It must be installed either vertically or at an angle no less than 45°. Due to inherent design of the pipe, low installation angles could create pooling of condensate and cause appliance to malfunction.

Q: Can I use a continuous length of Flex pipe from the appliance directly to chimney top?
A: In most cases - no. Flex pipe can only be installed vertically, inside a chimney/chase/B-Vent. The portion of the pipe which runs from the appliance to the chimney must be rigid single wall pipe, such as Innoflue SW.

Q: What’s the warranty on Innoflue Flex?
A: 10 years.

Q: Why would I use Flex instead of regular rigid pipe?
A: It costs less and is much easier to install. Rigid pipe is hard to install and support inside a chimney. In addition, Flex is made from polypropylene (PP), which is resistant to sulfuric/hydrochloric acid and aromatic hydrocarbons.