Liberty Sewage Pumps

We offer a complete range of LE standard and LEH high-head series submersible sewage pumps by Liberty. All pumps in this category are backed by a 3-year factory warranty.

About Liberty Sewage Pumps

All sewage pumps made by Liberty Pumps have a powder coated, heavy-duty cast iron housing and come with an industry-leading 3-year warranty. They are designed for installation in sewage basins and receptacles and are capable of handling both liquid and spherical solid waste up to 2” in diameter.
All single phase automatic sewage pump models have a piggyback style non-mercury wide-angle float switch with adjustable On-Off range. 115V manual models are operated by plugging the power cord directly into the electrical outlet. 3-Phase models must be wired to a Simplex or Duplex control panel.

LE40 and LE50 series pumps have polymer impeller and a standard 2” FNPT discharge. LE70 and LE100 (standard series) as well as LEH100, LEH150 and LEH200 (high-head series) feature rugged 2-vane semi-open cast iron impellers and have a 2” or 3” flanged discharge.

Standard power cord options include 10ft and 25ft, with 35ft cord also available on select models.
SeriesHPVoltageDischargeMax FlowMax. HeadOn-Off Levels (Automatic models only)Impeller StylePower Cord Length
LE404/10115V2” FNPT143 GPM21 ftOn: 12-16”
Off: 6”
Vortex, Polymer10ft, 25ft
LE501/2115V, 208-230V158 GPM24 ft2-Vane Semi-Open, Polymer
LE703/4115V, 208-230V, 440-480V2”, 3” FNPT (Flanged)158 GPM29 ft2-Vane Semi-Open, Cast Iron10ft, 25ft, 35ft
LE1001208-230V, 440-480V, 575V150 GPM (min 12ft of head)36 ft10ft, 25ft
LEH100200 GPM (min 15ft of head)53 ft
LEH1501-1/2200 GPM (min 20ft of head)70 ft25ft
LEH2002220 GPM (min 20 ft of head)83 ft-2-Vane Closed, Cast Iron