St. Steel Kitchen Sink Deep Double Cup Drain Strainer w/ Fixed Stick Post Basket
Brand: Matco-Norca
Part#: SS-112
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This is a deep type, duo cup stainless steel sink drain with basket strainer and hardware. Install using plumber's putty or Sioux Chief No-Putty gaskets.
  • Universal fit: works with all standard stainless steel kitchen sinks
  • Deep strainer can hold a larger amount of debris and food
  • All the standard features plus deep duo cup design at an economical price
  • Includes non-locking basket strainer w/ rubber stopper
  • Rustproof stainless steel body.
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Technical Specifications:
  • Fits: 3-1/2" to 4" openings
  • Actual drain top diameter: 4.41"
  • Overall height: 3.75"
  • Outlet connection: 1-1/2" tubular flanged tailpiece (brass or poly, any gauge)
  • Drain material: stainless steel
  • Basket strainer: stainless steel, stick-post type with neoprene rubber stopper
  • Package includes: duo cup drain, strainer basket, zinc locknut, rubber gasket, zinc tubular slipnut and flanged tailpiece tubular washer.
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