Modine Hot Water (Hydronic) & Steam Unit Heaters

Hydronic unit heaters are easy to install, economical, compact, lightweight and do not require flue or gas piping.

About hot water & steam unit heaters

Hydronic unit heaters utilize non-potable hot water or steam produced by a boiler, indirect water heater or other means. Hot water runs through a finned coil while a blower or propeller fan forces the ambient air through it.
A hydronic unit heater is a great heating solution where gas or fuel oil is not available or is impractical to install.
  • No gas or fuel oil needed
  • No vent pipes to install
  • Costs less than comparable gas & oil-fired unit heater
  • Less components means less occupied space, weight and maintenance or repairs
  • Energy efficiency is limited by the energy efficiency of the heating source (boiler, etc.)
  • Should be installed in near proximity to the hot water/steam source for better efficiency

Modine hot water & steam unit heater series

HHD (Hot Dawg H2O) series includes hot water unit heaters intended for small applications (1-3 car garages, workshops, etc.). They are very compact, incorporate a powerful & quiet blower and are very versatile, allowing for flexible installation options.
HC series models are standard units with a wide range of output options. They have side coil connections, designed for compact installation in spaces with low ceiling height.
HSB series are practically identical to the HC series with exception of connections, which are located on the top and bottom of the unit. This design allows to rotate the heater 360° without changes to the piping.
V series are round unit heaters with vertical (downward) air delivery, intended for spaces with high ceilings or spot heating requirements. The inherent design of the V series forces the warmer air which accumulates at the ceiling of the building downward, allowing for a more efficient heat distribution pattern.