Oil Boilers

We stock a wide range of cast iron oil boilers with or without tankless domestic hot water coils and indirect hot water tank capabilities.
All the oil boilers are fully packaged and come with premium-level, familiar brand controls, which are easy to connect, service and replace.
All boiler BTU ratings listed are Net AHRI or Net IBR (which are the same) for ease of comparison. For Input BTU Rating - see individual product listing.

About Oil Boilers

Fuel oil (also known as home heating oil) is a common heating source for areas where natural or propane gas is unavailable, scarce and/or expensive. While in general, it costs more than natural and propane gas, it is a much safer choice, since it does not ignite at room temperatures and does not require having a large tank filled with pressurized liquid propane next to the house.
All oil boilers require an fuel oil tank which for storing the heating oil - most well-known brands of tanks are Granby and Roth. A tank can either be installed inside (generally, a better life span) or outside, depending on preferences, space considerations, etc. A fuel oil line to carry the oil from tank to boiler is also required and a soft/annealed 3/8" copper tube (coated or uncoated) is a common choice.
Oil boilers we sell are chimney vented and just like any other gas appliance, would require a functioning chimney to properly operate. They utilize inexpensive Category I chimney vent pipe (standard galvanized type) and can be installed in newly built homes or replace a boiler in an existing one.
Efficiency-wise, oil boilers are more effective (~86-87% vs 84-85%) than standard cast iron gas boilers, with some models even qualifying for Energy Star certification with the proper nozzle installed.
Some boiler models come with an integrated tankless hot water coil, which is capable of replacing medium to full size hot water heater and eliminates the need for installing and servicing a separate unit. All models are compatible with indirect hot water tanks to supply larger hot water needs.