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PEX Crimp Tools & Crimp Rings


PexUniverse has a large selection of PEX crimping tools and crimp rings at competitive prices.
Crimping method is one of the oldest and most trusted PEX connection methods available. It is a favorite both among contractors and homeowners alike since it’s easy to use, reliable and allows to check finished connections for accuracy with a Go-No-Go gauge. Compatible with crimp style PEX fittings.

Tools in this category include single and dual-size crimpers as well as complete PEX crimp tool kits and decrimpers.
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PEX Crimp Tool Types

Single-size tools

A typical crimp tool is designed to make connections for one specific size of PEX tubing and does not require changing of jaws. Single-size tools are available in straight or angle versions. The later has shorter handles then the straight version, but is capable of fully opening at a smaller angle and this type is best used for tight spaces.

Dual-size tools

A 2-in-1 PEX crimping tool, such as the 1/2" and 3/4" combo tool allows to work with (2) PEX sizes simultaneously and does not require purchasing (2) different size tools. The drawback is that it is somewhat harder to use then the single-size tools.

PEX Crimp Tool Kits

Each PEX crimp tool kit includes a crimp tool with interchangeable jaws with a heavy-duty plastic molded case. The kit also includes a Go-No-Gauge, how-to crimping instructions, crescent wrench with hex tool for calibration and repair parts. Select models also come with a decrimper tool.


This tool is also called “crimp ring removal tool” and its’ purpose is to remove copper crimp rings from finished connections and eliminate the waste of PEX fittings. A PEX decrimping tool is a worthwhile investment for larger installations, such as whole-house plumbing.
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