Expansion & Well Tanks

Amtrol manufactures a complete range of plumbing expansion tanks from small residential to large commercial models. These products are known for their quality, reliability and extensive warranty.

Amtrol Plumbing Expansion Tank Series

Therm-X-Trol tanks are used for installation in domestic hot water plumbing systems in close proximity to a water heater or storage tank. These expansion tanks are factory pre-charged at 40 psig, rated up to 150 psig and are approved for domestic potable hot water use.

Well-X-Trol tanks are used in well water systems to reduce water supply pressure fluctuations and minimize cycling of the well pump, extending its' life. Factory pre-charged at 38 psig and rated up to 150 psig. Approved for potable water use. Backed by industry-leading 7 year warranty.