Pressure Relief Valves

We carry a large selection of Wilkins pressure relief valves by Zurn in regular and lead-free brass. These valves include models with adjustable and non-adjustable pressure relief settings in 1/2" and 3/4" sizes in regular and lead-free brass.

Zurn Wilkins Brand Pressure Relief Valve Series


Poppet type, lead-free pressure relief valves with pre-set, non-adjustable factory settings, designed for installation on potable water systems and storage tanks. Models available with relief settings from 30 psi to 150 psi. 3/4" male threaded inlet and 3/4" female threaded outlet standard on all valves. Replaces Watts 3L, Conbraco 17-402 and Cash-Acme FWL-2 series.


P1500 relief valve series are used on cold water service lines for pressure relief purposes only. They can also be used for pressure relief in static, passive solar, low capacity pump and other similar applications. These valves are lead-free compliant, have adjustable pressure settings of 25-175 psi and come in 1/2" or 3/4" sizes with male threaded inlet and female threaded outlet. Replaces Watts 530 series PRV's.


These PRV's have applications similar to that of the Wilkins P1500XL series but have a non-adjustable relief setting of either 75 or 125 psi depending on the model. Lead-free construction. Replaces Watts 53 series.


Residential temperature and pressure relief valves designed for installation on hot water heaters to protects against excessive pressure build-up and over-heating. These valves feature 210°F relief temperature and 150 psi standard relief pressure settings and have a 3/4" size male threaded inlet and female threaded outlet. Valve comes with a probe denoted with a "2C", "4C" or "8C" indicating a 2", 4" or 8" probe respectively. Replaces similar models from Watts, Conbraco and Cash-Acme.