Is PEX tubing recyclable?

Considering that hydronic radiant heating using is regarded as green technology, many environmentally conscious consumers are making compelling inquiries regarding recycling options when it comes to PEX tubing.

Though PEX can’t be recycled to be re-used for tubing, it can still be re-processed to be used for other purposes.  Due to the fact that PEX is cross-linked polyethylene, it can’t be melted down, a process that would be required to produce new tubing.  Instead, after being collected and decontaminated, old and excess tubing can be grinded and pulverized down to form sand-like substance. The material is then processed into other plastic products.

Currently, PEX recycling is not a very common occurrence, mainly due to its long life cycle and the fact that most PEX pipe has been installed over the past 2 decades. However, with the growing popularity and usage of the product, the demand for its recycling is likely to rise.