6-port Copper Manifold with 1/2" PEX Valves, 3/4" PEX x Closed
Brand: Sioux Chief
Part#: 672XV0690
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Lead-free PEX copper manifold by Sioux Chief with crimp style, 1/4-turn shut-off PEX brass ball valves.

  • Lead-free
  • Trunk made from type L copper
  • Shut-off valves made from lead-free brass
  • Compatible with crimp ring or cinch clamp PEX connection systems
  • cUPC listed
  • Made in the USA
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Technical Specifications:
  • Trunk inlet: 3/4" PEX, crimp-style
  • Trunk outlet: spin closed
  • Trunk size (diameter): 1" copper pipe (CTS)
  • Branches: 1/2" PEX (1/4-turn ball valves)
  • Number of branches: 6
  • Branch spacing: 2" OC (On Center)
  • Overall manifold size (L x H): 15-1/4" x 4.5"
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so easy to use and install
One of the best products I used to isolate each faucet.
By doityourselfer (from hopkinton,ny) on 04/08/2011
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works great
great product
By Verified Buyer on 05/30/2015
Ask a Question
Can these manifolds be used with expander type connections (Wirsbo)?
Helpful? Yes 1 No
We do stock the expansion style manifolds - click here to see them. As for your question, the answer is no. Crimp style manifolds can be used with crimp or cinch (clamp) PEX connection systems only. They are, however, compatible with all tubing types (including Wirsbo/Uponor), but you would have to use the crimp method instead of expansion method to connect the pipe.
By PexUniverse Customer Service on 10/26/2017
Can I spin the valves so that I can put the inlet on the right side? As shown, it on the left.
Helpful? Yes 1 No
The valves are soldered in place and therefore cannot be rotated. If you want the inlet to be on the right, you can get 672XV0699 model, then cut off the 3/4" PEX inlet on the left hand side and solder a 1" copper cap (part# P-5) over the trunk end. Alternatively, you could use a standard valveless manifold (672X0690), rotate it as needed and install the PEX shut-off valves (VPP012-LF) separately.
By PexUniverse Customer Service on 11/09/2015
This is approved for potable water supply? It's totally lead free? On another site this same product number is cautioned "Not for domestic water"Please advise
Helpful? Yes No
Yes, they are approved for potable water use. All of the Sioux Chief manifolds we sell - with or without valves, are lead-free compliant.
By PexUniverse Customer Service on 04/27/2015
Will this valve set up work with SHARKBITE pex?
Helpful? Yes No
Yes, this Sioux Chief PEX manifold model will work with any regular (US Standard SDR-9 size) PEX tubing, including Sharkbite PEX.
By PexUniverse Customer Service on 04/08/2013

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