Ox Box Washing Machine Outlet Box, 1/2" PEX (Lead-Free)
Brand: Sioux Chief
Part#: 696-G2303XF
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Sioux Chief OX Box Washing Machine Outlet Box for 1/2" PEX with 1/4-turn ball valves.
Lead-free compliant nationwide (less than 0.25% lead), meets NSF/ANSI 61 and approved for potable water use.

Complete set includes the following components:
  • (1) Outlet box with (2) 1/4 turn ball valves and frame (1/2" PEX crimp style connection)
  • (1) Outlet box with knockout for drain hose with frame (2" PVC drain connection)
  • (2) Debris covers
  • (1) Stud mounting bracket
  • (1) Adjustable mounting rail with pre-drilled holes for screws
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attractive and easy
I liked the ability to separate the two boxes so that sides can be switched (which was critical for me) the cover makes this attractive once installed. designed to be split by a stud, but that is not necessary, cover will only fit if the dimensions are maintained though. PEX install super quick and leak free
By Michael S. (from Madison, WI) on 12/30/2013
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Great Product
Being able to separate the supply and drain boxes really gives you a lot of flexibility and makes the entire install cleaner...
By Carpenter Jeff (from Springfield, OR) on 08/02/2011
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Are the hot and cold valves independent or is there a common valve handle. From the image, the connections appear to be pipe thread not PEX connections, is that the wrong image?Lastly, I just wanted to confirm that the discharge connections are garden hose thread.
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The inlet connections are 1/2" PEX (picture provided is for reference) , the outlets are garden hose thread and valves are the same for both hot and cold.
By PexUniverse Customer Service on 05/31/2013

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