Sioux Chief Cleanouts

Floor drain cleanouts by Sioux Chief are intended to provide easy access to P-traps & drain pipe for cleaning, inspection & servicing. Available in various options for at- , above- or below-grade configurations. Wide range of strainer finishes to compliment existing design. Each cleanout comes with an integral, pre-installed, removable and replaceable cleanout plug. Replacement threaded cleanout plugs also available in solid brass or plastic versions, with raised (for easy removal) or recessed (tamper-resistant) head.

Choosing the right cleanout

Besides the obvious choice of the strainer finish, the important factors to consider when selecting a cleanout include:

Strainer Load Rating - indicates maximum allowed load in lbs. Important when selecting a cleanout for commercial or industrial purposes, where it needs to comply with industry standards and regulations.

Adjustability - all cleanouts can be divided into (3) categories - non-adjustable (fixed height, simply connects to the existing pipe), pre-pour adjustable (usually, a screw-in type strainer which allows for ~1" height adjustment prior to pouring the concrete) and pre- and post-pour adjustable (maximum flexibility, allows for precision adjustment prior to the pour and after - when finished floor is installed).

Pipe connection - PVC, ABS and Cast Iron no-hub pipe are most common types of underground/soil/drainage pipes used in the US and may require different connections. Cleanouts we offer come in (3) types of connections, namely, PVC Hub (glues over PVC pipe), No-Hub (connects to cast iron or plastic pipe using a no-hub coupling rated for underground installs) and Push-Joint/Gasketed (slips over cast iron/plastic pipe with no glue or coupling required).

New vs existing installation - while all cleanouts are suited for new installs, not all ideal for replacement/repair purposes which involve intrusive work (breaking up concrete, cutting pipe below ground level, etc). Some models (such as the ones with side retainer screws which also adjust strainer height to floor level) are better suited for this kind of jobs than others.

Additional considerations may include trap primer port availability, installation protective covers, precision leveling (for tile finished floors) and others.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is a cleanout plug included with each of these cleanouts?
A: Yes, a poly (plastic) integral cleanout plug is included with each cleanout we offer.

Q: Are cleanout plug threads universal?
A: Yes, all cleanout plugs should have MIP male thread on them for easy replacement.

Q: Which load rating should i be looking for?
A: Load ratings are commonly divided into the following categories: below 2,000 lbs - Light-duty (residential, light commercial), 2,000-5,000 lbs - Medium-duty (typical commercial), 5,000-7,000 lbs - Heavy-Duty (industrial), 7,500-10,000 lbs - Extra Heavy-duty (industrial).

Q: Do I need a cleanout with a trap primer port?
A: Trap primers are very useful for indoor use, where water in the P-trap or U-trap keeps sewer gases from entering the premises. A functioning trap primer insures there's always water in a trap. They may or may not be required or specified by the engineer.