Sioux Chief PVC Closet Flanges & Parts

Total Knockout (TKO), FullFlush, PushTite (Gasket) and other one-piece and swivel ring type PVC closet flanges in 3” and 4” sizes. We also carry a complete selection of closet bolts & caps, wax gaskets, spacer rings and repair parts

Understanding closet flange connections:

Hub: same as the inlet connection of a PVC fitting, i.e. 4” hub will accept 4” PVC pipe.
Spigot: same as the PVC pipe, i.e. 3” spigot has the same diameter as the 3” PVC pipe and will fit inside a 3” PVC fitting (hub).
Inside Pipe: this connection will fit inside a designated pipe size. Gasket closet flanges will fit inside PVC, cast iron or ABS pipe. Non-gasket closet flange will fit inside Schedule 40 PVC pipe only (must be glued).

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which PVC pipe thickness will these closet flanges work with?
A: All closet flanges with "Hub" connection work with both Schedule 40 and Sch. 80 PVC pipe. "Inside fit" connection works only for Schedule 40 pipe. "Spigot" connection would fit into either Sch 40 or 80 PVC fitting. "Gasketed" works universally with PVC (Sch 40 & 80), ABS or cast iron pipe. For details, refer to individual product description.

Q: Do I need to apply glue over gasketed connections?
A: No glue or any other adhesive or lubricant is needed.

Q: How do I raise the flange to my finished floor height?
A: You can use multiple toilet (wax or wax-free) gaskets, use one or more 886-R (7/16”) closet rings or 886-ER (3/4”) spacer ring.

Q: Are Sioux Chief closet flanges compatible with all toilets?
A: Yes, they will work with all toilet brands, whether 1-piece or 2-piece construction.