Sioux Chief PVC Shower Base & Module Drains

PVC shower drains for acrylic or fiberglass shower modules or bases.
Use 825 series (locknut style) drains for 2” hub, solvent weld PVC connection.
Use 826, 827 or 828 series (receptor-base style) drains for gasket-type connection with 2” PVC or ABS.
Models available with replaceable screw-on or snap-in strainers available in other finishes – Oil Rubbed Bronze, Polished Brass, Satin Nickel, etc. Direct replacement for select Oatey models.

How to select a proper shower drain

Solvent weld vs. Slip-fit connection
Shower module drains with solvent weld (glue) connection will glue over a standard 2” PVC pipe (both Schedule 40 and 80).
Slip-fit drains have an internal gasket which seals over either PVC or ABS pipe, preventing leaks. 826-2P model has an extended tailpiece with gasket (slip-fit) and also can be glued over the pipe PVC.
Slip-fit connection is best suited for use in hard-to reach areas and where solvent weld connection is impractical or hard to make properly.

Locknut vs. Receptor-base styles
Locknut style drains attach to the whole drain body to the shower base by means of a plastic locknut (826, 827 and 829 series). Receptor-base type drains have a strainer (upper) portion which screws into the receptor (lower) portion without a locknut. As the design implies, locknut drains are easiest to install and secure from below the shower cabin, while receptor-style are easier to install from above.

Snap-in vs. Screw-in strainer
Snap-in shower module drain strainers are more popular due to the ease of the shower strainer replacement and drain cleaning. Screw-in strainers offer added protection against unwanted tempering and allow for universal strainer replacement to match the finish of other plumbing fixtures in colors not available from Sioux Chief.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the connection on these drains?
A: All the connections are for 2” standard Schedule 40 or 80 PVC pipe.

Q: Are strainers replaceable?
A: Yes. Original strainers on Sioux Chief shower module drains are 19-gauge thick stainless steel and available in polished steel, oil rubbed bronze, polished brass and satin nickel finishes. Other brand screw-on strainers can also be used as long as they have a 4-1/4” overall diameter and 2-5/8” OC (On Center) bolt connections.

Q: Does the strainer have a rim?
A: No. All shower module strainers we sell have no rim.

Q: Do I need to use caulk or plumbers putty?
A: Plumbers putty is not intended for and should never be used with plastic shower drains. The manufacturer’s instructions indicate that a bead of silicone should be applied underneath the plastic screw-in strainer (see installation instructions for individual products).