Spirovent Jr Air Eliminator
How it works. Features. Advantages.

Although system noises from pumps and valves may be considered normal and often, as signs of a functioning system, in reality, air in the heating system can lead to corrosion of ferrous parts, formation of cavities in cast iron components and can reduce the overall system’s efficiency.

Spirotherm has a solution that will keep the system free of air, allow for a quite operation and will require less maintenance costs.

Traditional air elimination devices, including air scoops, tend to remove only a fraction of the system’s air. Spirovent Jr air eliminators, on the other hand, will not only remove the 100% of free and entrained air, but will also remove the 99.6% of the dissolved air, which makes the Spirovent technology far superior to similar devices on the market.

A tested and proven Spirotube® component of the Spirovent Jr air elimination devices allows to sweep away even the smallest microbubbles. The air is collected in the upper chamber and is automatically vented through a built-in air release device.

The ideal placement of the Spirovent Jr is based on Henry’s Law, which points to the fact that when the temperature of the water is increased, or pressure is decreased, more air is released from the water. In conventional heating systems, the hottest part of the system is a boiler’s supply line. If there’s a circulator pump located on the supply line as well, the Spirovent Jr should be placed between the boiler and the circulator, where the system’s pressure is lowest.

Some of the most outstanding advantages of the Spirovent Jr air eliminators include:

  • Maintenance free design;
  • Venting not required;
  • Resistant to dirt and leaks;
  • 1/2" threaded port at the top of the air vent allows to remotely vent away any unwanted air or gases;
  • 1/2" threaded port at the bottom of the device allows to connect an standard expansion tank;
  • Operates quietly and reduces system noises;
  • Increases the lifespan of cast iron components;