007 Circulator Pump, 1/25 HP, 115V
Brand: Taco
Part#: 007-F5
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Cast Iron Taco 007-F5 Circulator Pump is the most popular hydronic circulator sold today. Features a field serviceable cartridge design and provides a quiet, efficient operation and unmatched reliability. It has a self-lubricating, maintenance-free design and it's flow parameters make it an ideal circulator for a wide range of hydronic applications.
Taco 007-F5 Circulator Pump is a cartridge style, maintenance free, wet-rotor, in-line, single stage circulator pump. It is designed for quiet operation in Hydronic heating, Radiant heating and Hydro-Air fan coils.

  • Hydronic Heating/Cooling;
  • Radiant Heating;
  • Zoning with Pumps;
  • Hydro-Air Fan Coils;
  • And others
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  • Grundfos UP15-42F/R, UPS15-58FC spd 2;
  • B&G NRF-22.

Technical Specifications:
  • Flow Range: 0 – 23 GPM;
  • Head Range: 0 – 10 Feet;
  • Minimum Fluid Temperature: 40˚F (4˚C);
  • Maximum Fluid Temperature: 240°F (115˚C);
  • Maximum Working Pressure: 125 psi;
  • Connection Sizes: 3/4", 1", 1-1/4", 1-1/2" Flanged;
  • Voltage: 115V;
  • Hertz: 60Hz;
  • Phase: 1;
  • Amps: 0.71A;
  • HP: 1/25HP;
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3-year manufacturer's warranty.
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good deal
I entered discount code TAKE5 and get best price for my 007-F5 Taco pump. Thank you PexUniverse from your old customer.
By MaxBennet (from Oskaloosa, Iowa) on 07/02/2013
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fully satisfied with permormance
I am well satisfied with my pump purchase. Taco 007 pump great product!
By Jeremy (from Tacoma, WA) on 06/28/2012
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Verified Purchase
Great part & service
Was able to have the pump installed in matter of minutes. Very simple to replace a worn out pump.
By Bryan (from Youngstown, OH) on 12/17/2012
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Taco 007-F5 Circulator Pump
Pump does a great job. I had to replace one because of hard water. The price was great and I enjoyed during business with RexUniverse. I had the pump with in 3 days. Very fast service.
By Rudy (from Virginia) on 12/09/2012
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I would use yourservice again
"The unit was replaced in a very short time. Receiving the product the next day was great."
By Gene (from New Jersey) on 12/24/2011
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Verified Purchase
I would buy this product agian
"Saved me $175 by buying this Taco 007-f5 cast iron circulator pump, through Pex Universe.com. Pump was easy to istall and works great. I know now to go to Pex Universe.com for any furture plumbing needs. Recived pump with in three days GREAT JOB THANKS."
By Tom (from NY) on 10/13/2011
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Does the trick
Did a superb job of replacing a failing pump.
By Dale (from Ct) on 10/28/2012
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Verified Purchase
good item
priced very good
By DWENGMA (from WOOSTER, OHIO) on 10/03/2011
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Verified Purchase
I would buy this product again
Trade prices and fast delivery
By Hamilton Frank (from Hamilton, NJ) on 09/23/2011
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I would buy this product again
great product,great price,f[...]
By Handyman (from Mapleton,Maine) on 09/18/2011
Helpful? Yes No
I have two of it.
I like this Taco 007.But, I have a question. How that the entire pomp cost [$], and to replace only the cartridge cost $55??I think the correct price for cartridge will be around $15.
By Tony (from Washington, DC) on 09/02/2011
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Heating pumps
[...] service and quality great!
By crusader (from Gettyburg, Pa) on 08/04/2011
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Verified Purchase
You gotta love these pumps
I have three of these pumps and they just work work work. I like them a lot. The only difficulty I had was getting them purged of air. But once you get the air out they work great.
By Coffey man (from Mimbres NM) on 07/07/2011
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I used this product as a exact replacement,hot water heat circulator.Instalation was no problem at all. So far part seems to work just fine,quiet,and fit perfect . I would shop with Pex Universe again ,
By None (from Indiana, USA) on 05/23/2011
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It is all they claim perfect
circulates hot water, it's quite, easy to install,price was great compared to others that do the same thing, it's perfect
By larry (from redwood city) on 05/18/2011
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The Best price for this product
This circulator is very reliable and run quietly.
By Paul B. (from Putnam Valley, NY) on 03/24/2011
Ask a Question
Will the Taco 007-f5 work in replacement of the f4 I now have? Will the application line up it I only change the pump and not the flanges?
Helpful? Yes 1 No
Yes and yes. Just make sure the flange orientation matches.
By PexUniverse Customer Service on 04/12/2017
I want to replace a Taco cartridge circulator model #007-BF5-JW. Is this the correct replacement pump .
Helpful? Yes 1 No
"B" indicates that your model is bronze, which Taco no longer produces. If you need a corrosion resistant 007 circulator, then you should use 007-SF5 or 007-SF5-IFC (same but with check valve) stainless steel. If material is not an issue, a standard Taco 007-F5 model (cast iron) can be used.
By PexUniverse Customer Service on 10/25/2016
How do you hook this pump up with a thermostat
Helpful? Yes 1 No
You will need to use a Taco SR501 model switching relay if it's a single-zone system. Multi-zone relays can be found here.
By PexUniverse Customer Service on 02/02/2015
does the 007-f5 replace the 007-f4 that is 18 years old in my home
Helpful? Yes 1 No
Correct. Taco 007-F5 model replaced the older 007-F4.
By PexUniverse Customer Service on 12/05/2012
My 007-F5 pump is leaking and I would like to know how much the replacement cartridge is I don't see it any where or should I just buy the new 007-F5 pump
Helpful? Yes 1 No
The replacement cartridge for the Taco 007-F5 is SKU# 007-042RP. If your pump is still under warranty, you can return it for a replacement through your distributor, or, if purchased on PexUniverse.com, use our online Returns form.
By PexUniverse Customer Service on 05/08/2012
Does the 007 circulator also come with the 2 flange gaskets shown in the picture
Helpful? Yes No
By PexUniverse Customer Service on 12/19/2017
Does the Taco 007-f5 come assembled with cartridge and ready to go?
Helpful? Yes No
Yes, the circulator comes assembled and ready to install.
By PexUniverse Customer Service on 04/14/2017
I have a Taco 007-ZF5-6 pump. Is the 007-042RP cartridge the replacement cartridge for this pump?
Helpful? Yes No
Yes, the 007-042RP is the correct replacement cartridge.
By PexUniverse Customer Service on 03/31/2015
I am looking to replace my Taco 009-F5, would this bolt in to replace that pump? How does this compare to the 009-F5, my 009-F5 works well for heating the house while pumping water from my outdoor boiler which is about 50 feet from my house to my forced air system, would the 007-f5 also work?
Helpful? Yes No
The 007 and 009 models are very different. The 009 series are high-head, low-flow circulators whereas the 007 series are low to medium head and high flow circulators. Take a look at the pump curves chart in the 009-f5 listing - it shows pump performance for all major Taco circulator series.
By PexUniverse Customer Service on 03/27/2015
Will the Taco 007-f5 pump be a direct bolt in replacement for the Taco 007f-3 that I currently have in my system?
Helpful? Yes No
Yes, the Taco 007-F5 acts as a direct bolt-in replacement for the older Taco 007-F3 model.
By PexUniverse Customer Service on 02/15/2013
Will this pump be a direct bolt-in repacment for an Amtrol Pro-Pump WR 6.5?
Helpful? Yes No
Taco 007-F5 model is 6-3/8" high from flange to flange. You can see the "Literature" tab for technical data (head and flow parameters) and compare that to the Amtrol WR 6.5 data.
By PexUniverse Customer Service on 01/31/2013

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