3/4" Threaded 5101 Geothermal Valve
Brand: Taco
Part#: 5101-G3
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Taco 5101-G3 geothermal valve replaces 5101-G2.
Taco 5101-G3 geothermal valve (3/4" threaded) is designed to control open type geothermal systems with high head. The unique end switch design of Taco geothermal valves allows to control of the heat pump from the valve. This allows movement of cold water into the coil before the heat pump actually starts.

Technical Specifications:
  • Connections: 3/4" threaded
  • Max pressure: 125 psi
  • Max operating temp: 240F
  • Min operating temp: 40F
  • Voltage: 24V
  • Cv: 6.1
  • Body material: Bronze.
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Just what I ordered.
The valve is the exact item that I expected, [...]
By JET (from Oxford, New Jersey) on 06/23/2011
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Verified Purchase
This valve was the answer to our problem.
The valve was delivered promptly as promised, and completely cured the knocking problem we were having with our water to air heat pump. Fingers crossed for the longevity.
By Verified Buyer on 08/02/2016
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50-50 on thoughts
I replaced my first power head unit in February 2016. Previous valve and head had to be over 3 years old. I just now had to replace it again. Once the replacement came, installed, and nothing. Looked closer at it and found a wire not connected to terminal 3! Really hoping 3rd time is a charm and get back to lasting awhile.
By 1st GEO (from IL) on 07/12/2016
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Two failures in 8 years
Hopefully the G3 version lasts longer than the G2 version. I am on my 3rd replacement. Why can't they just sell the valve without the electric valve control? Would be less expensive. I now have two good (spare) controls and no good valves.
By Verified Buyer on 02/23/2016
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Verified Purchase
Great Price [...]
After much searching for the part I needed (Taco valve 5101-G2), found the best price here at PexUniverse. [...] Part is the exact replacement needed for our geothermal heat pump.
By Zofoman (from Flatlands of Nebraska) on 08/13/2011
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I have two geothermal units in my home that are about five years old and I have had to replace both valves twice and am looking at replacing the valve on one of the units for a third time. I have a serviceman coming tomorrow. They keep replacing the whole unit. Why can't they just replace the "power head" for less than half the price?
By Hurley G. (from Franklinton, LA) on 04/30/2013
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The 5101-G3 replaces the 5101-G2??? What is the difference between the two? We currently have the G2.
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Taco does not specify the exact changes they do when they change the model number (unless it's a major overhaul). The 5101-G3 most likely is just an improved version (i.e. changed component, better material, less energy consumption, etc.) of the 5101-G2. There's no difference otherwise, so the G3 can fully replace the G2.
By PexUniverse Customer Service on 11/18/2016