Taco Zone Valves

Taco is a leading manufacturer and innovator in the industry of zone valves and manufactures a wide range of products for hot water heating and chilled water cooling applications. This category contains a complete selection of Taco zone valves in all types, sizes and connection options.

Taco Zone Valve Series

Majority of zone valves are the standard, normally-closed type, where valve remains closed until power is supplied. Normally open valves are also available.

Taco Sentry zone valves are the most energy efficient hydronic zone valves on the market, using up to 14 times less energy then conventional zone valves. Sentry series features a gear-driven, replaceable actuator, simplified wiring and external diagnostic LED’s. Specifically designed for use in chilled water and heating systems, such as radiant heating, baseboard, air handlers, heat pumps and others. Available in sizes 1/2", 3/4" and 1” with threaded or sweat connections.

Taco 570 Gold series are the industry standard for heating zone valves. 570 series features a removable heat-motor type actuator with ultra-quiet operation and leak-proof design, and a heavy-duty bronze body made to last for the lifetime of the heating system. Installer’s favorite, they are used mainly for hydronic and radiant heating applications and come in sizes 1/2" through 1-1/4" with sweat connections.

Taco Geothermal zone valves are specifically designed for use in high head, open-type geothermal systems. End switch on the geothermal valve permits it to control the heat pump and allows movement of cold water into the coil prior to start-up of the heat pump itself. Features a solid bronze body with removable powerhead (actuator) and industry-leading warranty. Threaded and sweat models with 3/4" or 1" sizes.

Taco 560 Series valves are 3-way, bypass-type valves with a design similar to that of the 570 series. They are used for controlling the water flow through PTAC’s, terminal heating units and fan coils and come in sizes 1/2" through 1" with sweat connections.

Taco 550 zone valves are heat-motor type valves intended for use in high-rise residential and commercial buildings. Their design allows them to be installed in high-head applications with up to 150ft of pump head. Available sizes include 1/2", 3/4" and 1" models with sweat inlets.