Taco Mixing Valves

Taco mixing valves are considered among the best in the industry and are manufactured from highest quality components to provide years of reliable and maintenance-free service.

Taco 5000 mixing valve series is suitable for both radiant floor heating and scald protection applications in residential settings. These valves are “lead-free”, ASSE 1017 approved and are approved for use with domestic water. 5000 series valves offer a wide mixing temperature range (85-176°F) and allow for up to 20GPM flow with low pressure drop.

Taco 5100 series are “lead-free” anti-scald mixing valves with dual ASSE 1017 and ASSE 1070 approval, suitable for point-of-use applications in both residential homes and commercial establishments (restaurants, hospitals, etc.). They have a 120°F outlet temperature limit and have a 14 GPM flow rating.