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Taco Radiant Mixing Block

Radiant Mixing Block is designed to simplify piping and wiring in injection mixing radiant heating applications. The system is comprised of two circulators (1-speed system and variable speed injection), a Taco Hy-Vent air vent and a variable speed injection mixing control, complete with outdoor and strap-on sensors, bronze body and standard plug-in power cord.
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More about Radiant Mixing Block by Taco

RMB unit offers versatility in application, allowing to use it as Delta T, outdoor reset or setpoint control. This system is suitable for radiant systems with up to 120 kBTU demand and can be used both on smaller systems and on larger, utilizing several RMB’s for each manifold where distinctive temperature requirements are required.

Radiant Mixing Block is packed with other features, such as a built-in check valve, automatic pump exercise, boiler protection, warm weather shutdown, large LCD display and many others - all with just four 3/4" FNPT connections.
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