Sioux Chief TrapShield Evaporation & Sewer Odor Protection Devices

TrapShield devices are designed for easy installation inside the existing drain pipe to prevent evaporation of water from a p-trap. In most cases, TrapShield is capable of replacing traditional trap primers and is an easy-to-install and economical alternative, which does not require frequent removal and allows for natural full-flow drainage to occur (rated up to 12, 34 and 73 GPM for 2”, 3” and 4” pipe sizes respectively). Fits inside 2”, 3” or 4” PVC, ABS or No-Hub Cast Iron pipe (alternatively – inside the shower/floor drain assembly) and can be removed if necessary. Made in the USA and ASSE 1072 compliant.

More about TrapShield

Unlike similar competitive products, TrapShield is superior in design and offers numerous advantages:
No standing water - the device opens even when a few drops enter the drain.
Will not slip down the drain - rigid top flange is designed to hold shape and prevents the TrapShield from sliding down the drain.
Premium material - unaffected by most household chemicals and remains flexible with various ambient temperatures.
Extra-wide opening - allows for minimal obstruction and optimal drainage.