AH-12 Hose, Air Acetylene, 12 ft.
Brand: TurboTorch
Part#: 0386-1090
Model: AH-12
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Replacement 12ft long hose for use with all TurboTorch air acetylene torches (Extreme Self-Lighting, Extreme Standard and Sof-Flame). Fits G4, PLF-A5 or WA-400 handles as well as AR-B (CGA 520) or AR-MC (CGA 200) regulators.

Technical Specifications:
  • Fuel Type: Air Acetylene
  • Length: 12ft (3.6m)
  • Handle Fit: G4, PLF-A and WA-400
  • Regulator Fit: AR-B (CGA-520) and AR-MC (CGA-200).
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3 Year Limited Warranty